Photography Contract/Agreement (Last Minute Mini Session)


Because this is a last-minute session, this contract will not be valid until we actually meet in person and start the session. 


Photographer information: 


Shawn Patrick Keenan / 

[email protected]


Client Information:






If you decide you would like to hire me for your photos, we must agree on all terms within this agreement.


Examples of things I will not take photos of:


• Low cut tops,

• Short shorts, short skirts or short dresses,

• Swimsuits/ bikinis,

• Topless men’s outfits,

• Drugs, alcohol or tobacco,

• Nudity, partial nudity or suggestive content,

• Anything harmful, insulting or defamatory toward any person or animal,

• Satanism, Witchcraft, Wicca, Paganism, idols, etc.



******* If you show up to a session expecting me to shoot anything like the above, I will respectfully leave, not complete the shoot and I will keep your deposit as I will need to recover my cost of transportation and time.


How you will receive the final images

The short version: 

You’ll get a personal, password protected, online gallery. It’s the best way to print your images (for a fee) or download many of them (most at no charge). Keep your gallery link safe. Don’t share it or the password with anyone you don’t absolutely trust; you are responsible. 


The long version: 


Included in the initial shooting/processing package cost; I will create your own private, password-protected gallery. After the work is complete, sign in information will be sent to you vie email. 


This is the best option for delivery as it saves cost, saves time, is available to you at any internet accessible device and greatly reduces risk of malware, virus, etc.


From there you will be able to download images for free (except images that took extra work), order as many prints as you’d like of any shots you like at the current listed cost (prices in sample print gallery may be subject to change based on standard rate raises that will apply to every client). See current fees at


Other options for delivery include:

Thumb drive,

External hard drive,


SD Card,


Cost: $35 each, plus the cost of the device (may also include delivery fee). I will source and purchase the device and it must be brand new and in the package when I receive it. Though I make every effort to avoid computer viri, malware, etc, I can not be held responsible for anything that happens after I pass the images to you on a device. Sticking to your private, online gallery will greatly reduce any risk of digital infection and will also save you money and time.


Safety of your personal, online gallery


You, the client, agree to be completely responsible for your personal information such as links to your private, online gallery and your password. I, Shawn Patrick Keenan, am not responsible for who you (or those associated with you) share this information with. You agree to use care and discretion when showing/sharing your gallery with others.

I use to host images. In the event of a breach of Zenfolio’s servers, you agree that Shawn Patrick Keenan will not be held liable for information leakage or theft. If such a scenario arises, you must direct all contact and response toward Zenfolio.


How many images I will deliver


The short version: 


10 or more. 


The long version: 


I will deliver a minimum of 10 images for family, individual and animal photos for each 20 minutes of shooting time. If I find more, I will deliver the original versions of them at no extra charge.


A good photographer will shoot many more images than what are in your final delivery. This allows for disposal of all images that do not meet the best standards. Often times, the same basic shot will be taken with many different settings, angles, etc, so the photographer can choose the image with the best technical aspects. So while your delivery will be at least the minimum number of images listed above, I will actually shoot hundreds of photos.


Pricing and Package Details


You’ve selected the Last Minute Mini Session for personal use; individuals/families/couples/grads/etc 


This includes;


15 minutes of shooting time,


Up to 5 people in photos,


All necessary processing,


My transportation expenses within 15 miles of my location,


My walking up to 5 minutes one way (10 minutes round trip) to get to where we start shooting, from parking area. No charge for extra walking during actual shoot.


• A minimum of 10 images posted to your own private, online gallery (more images if found worthy).


Downloading your images is free for standard images (except images that were modified like Black and White versions, color mods or subject isolations, like black and white background with color subject. These will be priced according to the amount of extra work it took to create them).

• Option to deliver images on portable media device (must be brand new and in package; external hard drive, SD card, Thumb drive, etc chosen by you, purchased by me). Add $35 + cost of device.

You are responsible for any fees for you, anyone you are with and the photographer to get into any special areas such as state parks/ national parks/ attractions. etc (Unless I already have a pass. I usually have a Utah State and a National Parks pass.)



Package Cost 


 $50 total base cost + any extras you may want (listed below). Cash only, must be paid the day of the session, image processing starts after payment is received.


- No extra minutes allowed (more minutes can be added with the Standard/Newborn/Small Business Packages) 

- Must be within a 15 mile drive from the corner of Main St and Pratt St in Fredonia, AZ (more miles can be added with the Standard/Newborn/Small Business Packages)

- No 4x4/OHV travel (4x4/OHV miles can be added with the Standard/Newborn/Small Business Packages)

- Must be within 5 minutes of walking time from the parking area (more walking time can be added with the Standard/Newborn/Small Business Packages)



Prints from private gallery will be priced individually. See


Some images with special effects may be available. This includes effects like Black and White, Monochrome, Color Mods, Black and White background with color subject, etc. Price is $2.00 per image. You will not be required to pay anything for them if you see the modified images and decide your do not want them. 



Long distance travel


No long distance travel (can be added with the Standard/Newborn/Small Business Packages)




Work on processing your images will not start until I have received the entire balance of $50, cash only.


You will receive a receipt in your email inbox within 24 hours of payment. 


Any extra services you request later, that are not listed in this contract will be added only after you approve them and sign for them. They will be added to your invoice by a separate agreement. They will not be performed until paid for. 




Once session has begun, the photographer will be unavailable to anyone else. Because this takes my time and prevents me from booking another client at that moment, I am unable to give refunds once I begin the work. 


Required checkbox: I understand the above section about cancelation.




Please understand that I am often in areas with no phone or internet service. Therefore some days I may not be able to return calls, e-mails or texts. I will connect with you ASAP any time you contact me or if I need to contact you.


I definitely do not work on Sundays. I most often do not work on Saturdays or holidays. 


Timeframe to complete work


Please allow 2 - 4 (between two and four) weeks between the time I receive your remaining balance due and the time your photos will be posted in your private, online gallery. 



When/ where/ how I will shoot:


The short version: 


I don’t do cliff edges, heights, flood dangers, impassable roads, lightning, etc. 


The long version: 


Conditions must be safe


I will not shoot in unsafe conditions such as:


• When lightning is present up close or at a distance (if shooting outdoors)


Slot canyons when there is even the slightest chance of rain in any

nearby area or upstream area,


Streams, washes or rivers when rain could be present locally or



• Trails or other terrain that are dangerously close to cliffs, falls or other

high ledges,


• If I have to travel on roads that are impassible when wet, if there is a chance of rain,


• If I have to travel on roads that are directly next to cliffs, drops or other heights (sorry, I don’t get along well with heights,  



I am not liable


You agree that I, Shawn Patrick Keenan, my family and anyone associated with my services, can not and will not be held responsible for:


Any damage, loss or anything negative resulting from your use of the

images I create on your behalf,


Anything that happens to you, anyone you are with or your property

during any photo shoot,


Anything that happens to you or people you are with in transit to and

from a photo shoot,


Anything that happens after a shoot, no matter when or where you

present the images,


Loss or damage of any storage device or media once I have given it to

you (SD cards, CDs, Thumb Drives, etc). Standard fees will apply for replacements.


Use of your photos to promote my work


The short version: 


It’s super nice if you let me use your photos as examples, but I totally respect if you would rather not. 


The long version: 


Please understand, it is a great help to me to use images I shoot to promote my portfolio and my work. However, I do respect your right to choose to remain completely private. Normally your signature on this agreement gives me the right to use all images I shoot for you, including you and everyone in the images. I, Shawn Patrick Keenan agree to only use such images to promote my work, only to show samples of what I do on my website or elsewhere. I will not sell them to anyone. 


If you’d like to opt out of this now, please indicate below by checking the box: 

Checkbox: I do not give Shawn Patrick Keenan permission to use my images for promotional purposes. 


Copyright/ Intellectual Property


The short version: 


No one but the photographer will be able to claim credit, copyrights or intellectual property rights for the photos. You may not sell or significantly change the images. 


The long version: 


You agree that, as soon as the images are taken. I, Shawn Patrick Keenan, will hold all copyrights and intellectual property rights for all images that I shoot for you. 


You, and anyone associated with you, may not:


Claim the images were taken by anyone else other than me, Shawn Patrick Keenan,

Claim copyright or intellectual property rights,

Sell the images,

Rebrand images with any watermark, label or other type of marking, other than the photographer’s. 

• While you may crop and reprint images, you may not mutilate, modify or change the image subject in any way. (Don’t put two heads on your friend ‘cause that’s not the way I took the photo).