Suggested Photo Shoot Locations 

***** This page is highly unpolished, but is still very useful. The map works and all information is good on waypoints, but more info will be added soon. 

From a place as dramatic as a canyon, to a small home or park where great memories have been made; where we make your photos is more about what’s in your heart than what’s in the background.  

Within each photo package, at no extra charge, I include a 15 mile travel radius from my home area, the center of Fredonia, AZ (89A and 389/ AKA: Pratt and Main). Outside that radius is a small charge per mile for extra travel that is still considered “local” (for those of us in North AZ/South UT, even an hour + drive is “local”). I also include a 10 minute walking radius from the parking area to get to where we begin shooting, with a per-minute charge for extra. See pricing at:

I will sometimes travel long distances, but we have to work out a deal first. For this kind of work, or for any other reason, please contact me:

To help plan for your location, check out my custom made map. It will give you my starting point and some great location suggestions if you need them. 



Want to know more about the photographer and what to expect if we meet to create visual memories? Check out the downloadable PDF made for clients. It's free and you can get it here