Hire the Photographer in Northern AZ (Fredonia)/Southern UT (Kanab)

In every photo, behind every subject, there is a life-long story worth knowing. For me, that thought gives the act of photography a heart and soul; It's the only thing that makes the camera worth picking up. 

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Check out the downloadable PDF made for clients. It's free and you can get it here. 

Advantages of Hiring Shawn Patrick Keenan


Not just a photographer.

I speak many “languages”. My career paths have EmptyName 40EmptyName 40
traveled through technology, early childhood education, fatherhood, artistry and ministry.    

This doesn’t just give me a view of how the world works; it also gives me insight into the life of people, families and children. It all helps when working in photography. I never forget that we all have a story worth knowing; and somehow, at least one visual part of that story should come through my lens and my work. 


Delayed charges

I do not charge the full amount until after your photo session. This allows you to get a feel for how I interact with you and decide if you want me to complete your work.


Refundable deposit/ no-hassle cancelation

The unexpected happens, so as long as you cancel within a reasonable time period (3 hours prior to shoot for standard travel, more for extended travel), I will refund your deposit (- processing fees that I've already paid, usually only a few dollars). You then have a choice to keep your money and ditch the job, or reschedule at no extra charge. 


Your own private, online gallery has its perks


Photo Bar 1Photo Bar 1  

  • Private, password protected,

  • Free downloads of all standard images with basic adjustments (editing fee applied to images with special effects like black and white, color subject with black and white background, etc. You will not be required to pay for them if you don't want them),

  • High quality, well packaged prints (I'm quite attentive to quality and detail and I've never been less than impressed by Zenfolio's printing partners). Explore available products here

  • Share your gallery with others and allow your friends and family to buy any print they want.



Want to know more about the photographer and what to expect if we meet to create visual memories? Check out the downloadable PDF made for clients. It's free and you can get it here