• I hold God responsible for the fluke of obtaining my current photo gear and the amazing opportunities I've had to use it. My appreciation is endless,
  • I'm the largest human in the nearby image,
  • I've been shooting photos artistically since the early '90's, 
  • My favorite forms of art are photography, music and writing.


I believe we are all artists. Art is a strong and effective piece of the human experience, both physically and spiritually. We are also all interpreters of art, human-made or otherwise. You don't need to work in any specific medium, or to be published or widely accepted to be an artist. If there is any part of your life that's not a science, any activity or creation that you navigate by your own intuition, that's art. I've written an in-depth article about this concept, located here


Thank you for stopping by my portfolio. :)


- Shawn