New Images in Nature Gallery! Page Arizona/ Lake Powell

February 17, 2018
Hello subscribers, I've finally received my permit to post my images from Lake Powell, Page Arizona. These are some of my all time favorites! Find these and 11 more in t...
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Artist's Favorite Images - Meteor Crater (Arizona)

February 03, 2018
This article was a tough start for me, mainly because it's not easy to put my experience at Meteor Crater into words. Take a look... We sort of fell into this (pun int...
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Artist's Favorite Images, Angel in the Fireworks

January 30, 2018
"Angel in the Fireworks" Where and when? This image was shot during a July 4th celebration at Lake Santee, Greensburg, Indiana, 2017. How was this done? The image was c...
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Everyone is an Artist

January 24, 2018
Art is a strong and effective piece of the human experience, both physically and spiritually. I believe we are all artists. We are also all interpreters of art, human-mad...
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Artist's Favorite Images, Page, Arizona, Balloon Regatta and Fire Display

January 17, 2018
It was one of the coolest things I've ever seen. Balloonists, lining the streets of Page, Arizona with their baskets and burners. Controlled fire was everywhere, synchron...
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Artist's Favorite Images, Scum of The Earth Church

January 13, 2018
Intro I've been exploring different modes of spirituality for many years. I've researched different religions, had many friends from all over the world and visited many d...
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Artist 's Favorite Images, Canyon Rainbow by Shawn P Keenan

January 09, 2018
Where were they shot? "Canyon Rainbow" (B and C), and the other that goes with them were shot during a road trip in November of 2017. We were staying in Cortez, Colorado,...
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