The art of Parenting, (Also, Happy Father's Day)

June 16, 2018
In a previous article I wrote, Everyone is an Artist, I discussed how we all create art even when we don't realize it. We work as creators through every day situations, l...
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The Art of Calm

June 14, 2018
The general level of stress among our communities is steadily climbing. This isn't just a local phenomena tucked into a few select corners of the planet. Everyone can fee...
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New images!

May 07, 2018
Hello all! Here are the latest. You don't have to be into religion to appreciate all of them, but they were all taken at the TMBCC (Tibetan Mongolian Buddhist Cultural C...
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New Images in Nature Gallery! Page Arizona/ Lake Powell

February 17, 2018
Hello subscribers, I've finally received my permit to post my images from Lake Powell, Page Arizona. These are some of my all time favorites! Find these and 11 more in t...
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Artist's Favorite Images - Meteor Crater (Arizona)

February 03, 2018
This article was a tough start for me, mainly because it's not easy to put my experience at Meteor Crater into words. Take a look... To give you an idea of how big thi...
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Artist's Favorite Images, Angel in the Fireworks

January 30, 2018
"Angel in the Fireworks" Where and when? This image was shot during a July 4th celebration at Lake Santee, Greensburg, Indiana, 2017. How was this done? The image was c...
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Everyone is an Artist

January 24, 2018
Art is a strong and effective piece of the human experience, both physically and spiritually. I believe we are all artists. We are also all interpreters of art, human-mad...
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